Museum of Balkan Wars

Military museum of Balkan Wars in Gefira
The Museum of Balkan Wars is accomodated in a historical villa at the eastern part of Gefira. In 1999 the Ministry of Defence bought the building in order to convert it to a museum. The choice was not accidental; the building was marked with great historical importance at the beggining of the 20th century.

In October 24, 1912, the general headquarters of the Greek army were moved to this villa. The king (and leader of the army) stayed here until the dawn of October 27th. These three days determined the fate of the city of Thessaloniki and the region of Macedonia. The Turkish leader Taxim Pasha signed here the treaty that passed the city of Thessaloniki to Greece.

The villa has a number of rooms with various exhibits, such as guns, swords, military suits, medals, various historical documents and a copy of the treaty.



Click on the following photos to check some of the museum's rooms and exhibits.

photos © Panayiotis Efstathiadis