Axios river (dam area)

dam of axios river: panorama

Axios river

The area around the dam of Axios river is located just 25 Km from Thessaloniki. Despite its close proximity to a large urban center, the area hosts a remarkable variety of animals and plants.

The construction of the dam created a complex of small islands, the largest of which covers an area of 2,500 acres and provides shelter to more than 40 wild horses that have been living here for many decades.

You can follow the path to the north of the dam and you will soon get to the observatories, where you will enjoy the unique view from above to the entire area.

The area is dominated by an impressive river forest surrounded by thick reed walls, and it provides shelter to rare birds, reptiles and other predators such as hawks, wolves and jackals.

 Axios river: spoonbill and grey heron

The image to the right shows two bird species that live in the area:
- a spoonbill (nowadays a very rare species in Europe and in Greece)
- and a grey heron

Click on the following images to see some examples of this wonderful area.

photos © Panayiotis Efstathiadis