Festival 2013 - Photos

 "7th International Festival of Folk Dances and Music"

 For the seventh successive year and despite all the obstacles and adversity, the board of Cultural Club of Gefira, managed once again to organize a festival worthy of its city's the history and honoring tradition in these difficult financially and morally times. An event, which got the most positive reviews, becoming one of the most successful festivals so far.

Traditions, customs and music from Poland, Georgia, Turkey, Italy, Metsovo, Naoussa and Gefira, were introduced to the audience for 4 days, by a total of 200 dancers and musicians, who participated at the "7th International Festival of Folk Dances and Music", creating a colorful mosaic of culture and offering great shows to the viewers.
Our love and respect for tradition and the desire to preserve it for future generations will accompany us and will give us the strength to begin preparations for the "8th International Festival of Folk Dances & Music" as from tomorrow.
Our Festival, thanks to an experienced group of people and a bonded team, proves its durability over time and our will for constant progress.