International Festival - 2015

“9th International Festival of Folk Dances & Music”

We embraced the world’s culture! The “9th International Festival of Folk Dances & Music”, organized by Cultural Club of Gefira on August 2015, was a great success. Europe and Asia met for the first time on the stage of our Festival, as more than 185 dancers from Nepal, Russia, Spain, Poland and of course Greece, shared with us their beautiful performances, full of music, color and unique experiences.
An event which was realised during a very difficult situation, thanks to the capacity and perseverance of the Board of Cultural Club of Gefira, and also due to our hundreds of volunteers and sponsors!
During our 4 days Festival, we were able to promote tradition, connect different cultures and offer a fine spectacle and also deliver the best party nights were dancers and audience became one and enjoyed till early morning!
Get ready for the 25th of August 2016 for the 10th anniversary of the “International Festival of Folk Dances & Music” with lots of surprises!