International Festival - 2014

8th International Festival of Folk Music and Dance

With a promise for continuous renewal and preservation of our local culture, Cultural Club of Gefira organized the "8th International Festival of Folk Dances and Music" from 28 till 31 August 2014. The biggest celebration of tradition is revived having ambassadors of culture from Greece and abroad, as well as thousands of visitors.

In a festive mood, we welcomed dancers and musicians from Mexico, Serbia, Italy, Crete and Leros, who provided the audience with a unique combination of culture, a beautiful palette of colors and magnificent performances.
Admittedly, in difficult times, the International Festival is a challenge, proving that tradition can survive and flourish, if there is passion and willingness to offer and create.

We like challenges, so we have already started preparing for the "9th International Festival of Folk Dances and Music" in August 2015. Are you coming along?

Photo credits: Nikos Pappas