General information about Gefira

gefira_satelliteGefira belongs to the municipality of Halkidona, in the prefecture of Thessaloniki. It is located 25 Km northwest of the city of Thessaloniki, near the east bank of river Axios. The town has 3,258 inhabitants (2001 census).

The majority of the people who established the new settlement migrated here from Metres in Eastern Thrace (now: Çatalca in Turkey) and from Sozoupolis in Eastern Roumelia (ancient: Apollonia, now: Sozopol in Bulgaria). In addition there are many native families living in Kato Gefira plus a few families of Vlachs and Sarakatsani.

The name of the old settlement was "Topsin". The name derives from Turkish and it means "place of the canon". Topsin is referred to in an Ottoman document of the 15th century. In 1927 the new town was renamed to "Gefira" (bridge), after the bridges of river Axios which are located nearby. 

The community of Gefira was established in 1928. The first medical center and the elementary school were established in the same year. The high school was established in 1978.

The local church is devoted to Panayia Revmatokratousa and Apostole Thomas. The wooden chancel screen and the icon of Panayia (Virgin Mary) were brought here by the emigrants from Metres. The emigrants brought also a plethora of precious items with them when they were forced to relocate.

St.George is the old church in Kato Gefira. There are also a number of other churches in Gefira (St. Triphon, St.Zosimos, St.Constantine & St.Helen, as well as the chapels of St.Fanourios & St.George.

The local athletic team is called Makedonikos.