About the Cultural club of Gefira

The Cultural club of Gefira was created in 1978 by ambitious, hard working and inspired people, whose goal was to preserve and transfer our tradition and customs to the next generations. The initiative of these people was the motive for the endless and continuous effort not only of all the future boards of the club, but also of all Gefira’s residents all these years, so that to develop a prosperous cultural course. Ground base of the club is Gefira, which belongs to the municipality of Halkidona.
The club is organizing various cultural events such as: the celebration of Saint Trifonas, who is the guardian of the vineyards, feast on the honor of our church’s guardians Holly Mary and Saint Thomas, revival of the old custom of Klidonas and Koulouma, as well as other social activities (blood donation, Christmas feast for the young members of the club, events & talks on Woman’s day, educational trips, dance nights, celebration for the Carnival, medical and social seminars and more.)

The top event our club organizes is the International Festival of Folklore Music and Dances on the occasion of the grape feast which takes place every year since 2007 in the beginning of September. Folklore dance groups from Europe, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Cyprus and groups from Greece have participated in the festival so far, which has become a landmark for the cultural events of our region.

Today the club has many different divisions such as groups for traditional dances (adult, women’s, for children), for modern dance, choir, painting class ans music class. Our wardrobe of traditional costumes from the area of Thrace, East Romilia and Macedonia is exquisite. Especially our adult’s grop of traditional dance has participated in many festivals all over Greece as well as in Europe.