Club's activities

Every year the club organizes various cultural and social events and has numerous activities such as:

Cultural events
  • The International Festival of Folklore Music and Dances, which takes place every September, with participation of foreign and Greek traditional groups.
  • Celebration in honor of Saint Trifonas, who is the guardian of the vineyards on the 1st of February every year. Gefira is a wine making community.
  • Feast in honor of our church’s guardians Holly Mary and Saint Thomas.
  • Revival of the old custom of Klidonas, a very old custom, during which girls are supposed to find out who they will get married to.
  • Traditional party for all the clubs members after closing of every season.
  • Participation of our children’s group in various Festivals for Children.
  • Participation of our choir and adult’s traditional dance group in every meeting of the Cultural Organization of Thessaloniki.
  • Participation of the club members in the events for the freedom of Thrace, organized by the Thracian centre.
  • Participation of our adult’s group in various Festivals all over Greece as well as in Europe.

Social events
  • Blood donation twice a year.
  • New Year’s celebration for the members of the club and children’s party.
  • Events & talks for Woman’s day.
  • Carnival celebration with the revival of old customs of our tradition: Koulouma and Clean Monday.
  • Participation of our groups at the parade for the National holidays.
  • Medical galas and talks on the fight against drugs.
  • Educational trips in Greece and abroad.
  • Performances of our Ballet and Music classes every year
  • Participation of our groups in various programs organized by the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.